March 20, 2005

How many reactions can one click make? Sunday Flash Fun
  • 709... I'm sure I'll find out that's terribly low...
  • 3025
  • And here's me thinking that 745 was good. Humbug.
  • 1639 is my best so far.
  • 1885 on my fourth try. I'm sure there's a predictable pattern, but I have never been good at picking those up on "go" type board games anyway. Cool ricochet sound. I think I'm going to go toss some penguins.
  • Alright, happy with my best at 2479.
  • 1854
  • (walks right back out again -- a la Abe Simpson in the Maison Derriere -- instead of bragging about his 816)
  • Wow. I guess my "Woo hoo!" after I got 510 was misplaced. This game is hypnotic.
  • 2194 seems to be my best. I could do this all day. Maybe by tomorrow I'll have a better score...
  • )