March 20, 2005

Frog Hospital Croaks Australia's frog hospital is closing. Possibly the only frog hospital in the world, it played an important role as frogs are indicators of environmental health. Of course, some of those chazzwazzers aren't very welcome in Australia anyway... So we're left wondering: Who Will Run the Frog Hospital now?
  • The last link has nothing to do with anything, but I was terribly amused when it came up in a google search.
  • Sam Gross?
  • You sick frogs!
  • Jesus! Where will high school frogs take their alcohol-poisoned fellow party frogs after some hard partyin'? Who's going to take that barium xray when Grampy Frog gets another fly lodged in his lower bowel? And what about when Mommy Frog takes too many Mommy Frog Vitamins and takes a header down the stairs again? No good can come of it.
  • Who Will Run the Frog Hospital now? Him name Dr. Hopkin, Green Frog.
  • MJ: More frogs will croak. And that is Not A Good Thing.
  • Caution dead frogs
  • Only five comments to a Hopkin reference. Good work, people, but I think we can do better next time. And I love the photo of the froggy three-way in the BBC link. The one in the middle is getting some serious dutch-door action.
  • when you have to clean the summerlong brack-black water and frog spawn and grown and halfgrown frogs out of the bottom of the neglected pool when you feel cruel as you put them into plastic leaf bags and they make pitiful weak whining noises' while you carry the heavy wet bags across the road and all the way to the marshy creek that suddenly starts to croak excitedly
  • Old pond, Young frog. Splash! Matsuo Basho Remember: Eat a frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you all day. If you're a frog, that just about screws it ...
  • I sentence you all to be frogged. Take them away!