January 30, 2004

MetaFilter unconditionally surrenders to MonkeyFilter. Citizens demand more, better monkey content. Redistribution of bananas to begin forthwith; Haughey to be replaced by macaque?

...what I mean to say is, nice monkey links, but for pity's sake won't someone tell the poor people where simian enlightenment truly lies?

  • flashboy, you can lead a simian to enlightenment, but you can't make him eat the banana.
  • commence feces flinging in their general direction. or shall we, instead, raise a hearty glass of cock punch?
  • Haaa! I'm glad flashboy started it. I saw that link and went "what wannabes!!" Hee! *Clinks her cockpunch glass to SideDish's* Cheers!
  • Banana Punch all of the punch, none of the cock. Well, probably a little of the latter and lesser of the former. Oop! Ack!
  • Banana cockpunch? I'll drink to that!
  • That banana punch card is truly obscene. Is it real?
  • Server Error The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. JRun closed connection. Looks like they couldn't withstand the onslaught of feces.
  • Oop Ack Chi! I'm diggin' that Banana Punch card. What does it remind me of? Eh, probably something grotesque and obscene from my childhood.
  • Um, I don't think that's a banana punch. See, when a girl and a monkey fall in love, they... well, send me an email and I'll explain it to you.
  • One shout as requested...
  • A word of warning, BigCalm, from another dual-Filterite (bi-Filterite?) who has suffered severe consequences from publicly mixing Metas and Monkeys... Just be careful out there...
  • Dear BigCalm, we are by no means all MeFi wannabes here.
  • The Year of the Monkey. YES! I like it here; it feels like home. [closes door, exchanges shoes for banana skins*, puts on sweater] It started well, and I do believe we're still gaining momentum. I certainly enjoy the lack of snarkines and "I was first and then you showed up and ruined it" attitude. The only thing I'd do different here is to kidnap plep and quonsar. (except we don't have a Monkey Cage strong enough for the latter.) Satisfaction with the product thus stated, is anyone but me more, not less, frustrated that they can't comment on a post that stimulates them on MeFi? One would think that MoFi posting would alleviate this, but apparently not altogether. I love that Monkeyfilter allows me to express my inner smart-ass. Hmmm, perhaps that's a compulsion that might better be curbed? *Anybody here like really bad puns? Anybody? Hello? Hell-oooooo?
  • Adore really bad puns! Give us your worst, please do!
  • Beeswacky: Way to put me on the spot! Now I've got performance anxiety. Thinking up a pun on command is like trying to juggle dishes. Right now, it's just more than I can contemplate. phew
  • Always like to juggle a cupple of sorcerors when I tidy up a kitchen.
  • Shaggy dog pun: Three strings walk into a bar. First one goes up to the bartender, orders a drink. Bartender says "We don't serve string here." String goes back, talks to his friends. The tie themselves together and go up to the bar, order a drink. Bartender says "Say, aren't you that string I just turned away?" The tied together strings reply,"No, I'm afraid not."
  • Honi soit qui mal y puns.