March 19, 2005

Dance Monkey Dance A great, wry, flash animation taking a look at human behavior. [via]
  • Don't miss this one, folks.... thanks, great link!
  • damn, that rocked! now we just need 3 other monkeys to vote :)
  • that was AMAZING! ))) for pog! slightly depressing though.
  • I can't vote for it. It's ok, but seems to indicate that we shouldn't try to get beyond the basic, monkey thing since we're, well, just monkeys. I think we're monkeys in that we destroy our world without much concern for the future, but I also think we try to save our world, because we are concerned for the future. Maybe this is an intermediate step. Ok, everyone evolve to the next step - right now!
  • /mutates beneficially
  • ), for another monkey. I laughed, and I had a little shiver. Good monkey stuff.
  • what with these )?
  • It's a banana. It means your post is very good.
  • ee ee eeeee ee EEEEEEEE oo OOOO EECH! EEEEEEECH!! (throws bananas, scampers off to groom mate)
  • It's an unmatched parenthesis. It means your comment won't compile. Oh, and make sure to check out the rest of Ernie Cline's work. He has mp3s of several spoken word pieces online, and they're all good.
  • Avoid monkey, Avoid. This video didn't do anything for me. It uses the word "monkey" instead of "human" in some cliche'ed rants about the nature of humanity. If you've been on this planet for more than 20 years, you will just end up thinking "i just wasted another five minutes of my ever diminishing life span". The animation is bland and doesn't go much farther than the basics .
  • MonkeyFilter: Ok, everyone evolve to the next step - right now!