March 18, 2005

80's music nostalgia wave! Duran Duran's new album was only the beginning. Billy Idol's new CD is upon us, while New Order's new album is almost here too. Mötley Crüe, meanwhile, are working on their new CD, as are Kate Bush and Bruce Springsteen; even Paula Abdul is planning a comeback. If Duran Duran can do it, anyone can! Right? Let's hope so.

Cyndi Lauper and Annie Lennox have already pulled it off. I'm sure there's many more 80's comeback albums in the past few years I've not thought of; hopefully someone can fill me in. All we need now is a new Police album (and maybe a normal-looking Michael Jackson or George Michael) and life will be truly peachy.

  • whoa, all that hair gel is gumming up your mind. a Police reunion?
  • i wish.
  • but, no. unless i missed something.
  • Oh, 80's nostalgia... / hides ticket stub from recently attended DD concert/ Pathetic. *COUGH COUGH* Hey, and NIN has a new album out!
  • The Pet Shop Boys never went away. /loves the 80s, still hasn't quite worked through the 70s revival, and waits impatiently for the rumoured Roxy Music album...
  • I hated the 80s.
  • Can a Jam reunion be far off?
  • Can a Jam reunion be far off?
    you gotta acknowledge that they are well-preserved
  • *briefly considers wisdom of adopting flock of seagulls haircut*
  • I will accept nothing less than a Big Black reunion.
  • Last time Duran Duran got an album out, they promoted it with a "white lines" cover. That song is the complete suck. Ergo, nothing good can come out of this.
  • Paul Weller still hates the other guys. Just like Westerberg will never get back with Stinson. And Grant Hart and Bob Mould only reuinite every ten years. Jello Biafra's still in litigation with the rest of the folks. Danzig doesn't take Only's calls. Luckily, Wire and Suicide have both semi-reunited. When will REM have their reunion tour? That's the real pool... (Bands I'd like to see back together: Gang of Four, ESG, Fab Freddy and the Furious Five, Thee Headcoats, Devo, Buzzcocks, Magazine, Television, The Au Pairs, Kraftwerk- for real this time, Spacemen 3, Meat Puppets, Happy Mondays...)
  • If we could only bring back the glory days of Lawrence Welk.
  • Zee Buzzcocks are back together und playing zee shows.
  • New Order had a new album out a couple of years ago. It wasn't bad. It wasn't Power, Corruption and Lies, but it wasn't bad...
  • Argh: 1) Yeah, but is Devoto with them? I suppose that's not really fair, as he was only around for the first album, but... 2) Sure, but US shows? Don't you know that nothing matters if it happens outside of America? Hell, ask the Canadians... Ask 'em about their Juno awards...
  • Oh, I just have to say it... The theological implications are staggering.
  • Can a Jam reunion be far off? One can only hope. Maybe Bruce is the one who's had Paul Weller's nuts in a box since they broke up and he went on to suck a lot as a solo act. Just like Westerberg will never get back with Stinson I thought Westerberg and Stinson got along fine, the conflict was with Chris Mars who's doing fairly well as a fine artist these days. hmmm. Maybe both the Paul's nuts are in the same box. Westerberg's solo efforts don't really compare to his early work either.
  • Blondie is back. But Cher just won't go away.
  • The Chameleons are still hanging on in there ... on a low key basis ... Have seen The Undertones a couple of times in the last few years, they don't talk to Fearghal any more and their new singer isn't a patch on him ... but any gig which opens with 'Family Entertainment' is OKby me!
  • I have Duran Duran on vinyl, baby. Also, The Cars.
  • Westerberg's last couple albums have been pretty good, actually. But I can't really judge 'em agains the 'Mats because, I dunno, sentimental...
  • Oh, I used to love Kate Bush. Am digging out some old tapes now. But to see the bands of my relative youth get back together? No thanks. Their chemistry was right and true at the time but to tour now would only be for sodden reasons like nostalgia. Ick. I think it's different fot the solo artists. Husker Du getting back together would be like hanging out with friends from your twenties again, and there's a reason those friendships have withered.
  • I would welcome a Talking Heads reunion, but will probably end up getting a Cutting Crew or a-ha instead.
  • I am such an 80's freak. My boyfriend was a minor 80's rock star, and I kid him that he is the ultimate collector's item. He doesn't like that too much. The Cars might be a fun reunion, but I saw Ric Ocasek on the street a few months ago, and he is looking downright ancient.
  • Ric Ocasek looked downright ancient in the 80's.
  • I have Duran Duran on vinyl, baby. Will you marry me?
  • true that, grover 96.
  • Monkeyfilter: my knees pop just like my Duran Duran LPs
  • Hum a few bars from his minor 80's rock hit and see if the monkies can guess who he is, kimdog. Please.
  • George Michael Returns! When he & The Hoff make their duet album, remember - you heard it here first.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present, for your listening pleasure and the artist's attempts to cash in by digging through the bottom of the barrel of his lingering popularity, Billy Idol's first Christmas Album. "This is "Frosty the Snowman", and we're not fucking around." There are videos on youtube, and you can find them at your own risk. [WARNING: Amateurish site design indicates just how low the Idol has fallen. Which is surprising, given how it wasn't a lofty perch in the first place.]
  • The Cars won't get back together because Ric Ocasek has a pretty good career producing records, because he was the real fucking deal. Cindy Lauper is not doing an 80's revival, she has been making music for years now. I personally don't want to revisit the 80's, not because there was not some good music, just because there is so much good music right now. One band I would like to see do a reunion tour (not a new album) is Neutral Milk Hotel, but that is not era specific, that is just so I can pay homage to the music genius that is Jeff Magnum.