March 18, 2005

What if you could show the past and the present at the same time? Sascha Pohflepp uses reflective beads to display the old names of streets in Berlin--names with strong historical connotations. Click the right arrow (in the lower right corner) to reveal more. [via we make money not art]

She's used the same technology to set a bunch of wild animals loose in the city. Again, click the right arrow to advance.

  • Are the last pictures shots of actual applications of this wacky idea? They kinda look like they've been photoshopped to me. Interesting idea, albeit a tad bizarre. If I was doing acid and came across one of these reflections, I might have a freak out!!
  • as far as I can tell, they are pictures of the application. The reflective beads tend to photograph oddly, which may be why they look photoshopped.
  • It looks cool, but this is just a proposal, right? Any "Berliner Affen" out there who could confirm? affen=monkeys
  • not sure about the signs, but the animals were implemented.
  • Neato! Better even that a HairMax LaserComb.