March 18, 2005

HairMax LaserComb achieves over 90 percent user satisfaction and results without any worrying side effects! Feel good about your hair again! (Complete with Forum)
  • just by looking at the title of the link, I knew this was one of yours.
  • I don't think I want a laser that close to my brain. That seems like a bad idea to me.
  • Because dinky low-level lasers are a threat to your consciousness!
  • From "Eight reasons why you will love the LaserComb" Safety Standards. Complies with USA laser product safety standards. yes, that's why i love it so!
  • So...what does this do? The site wasn't exactly clear.
  • Isn't it obvious!?
  • I thought they generally used lasers to remove hair.
  • "I've been using the Lasercomb for 4 weeks and have lost more hair! I dont lose much hair in the shower, but since using the LC, I've been losing about 2x-3x as many hairs in the shower. WHY! and for HOW LONG will this last?" I'm SOLD!
  • but... OH NO! ... shedding! from the forum: It is not uncommon for shedding to persist through the first 100 days of treatment with the LaserComb. This is actually a good sign. Those are the old weak hairs falling out, so that the new ones can be replaced.
  • From the page: One should not stare at the laser beams, although that is hardly possible, due to blink aversion response. Uh...
  • Here we see the LaserComb as the herd of hairs passes by. Now watch as it selectively targets the weak and elderly hairs, allowing the younger, faster, more vital hairs to run on to safety. This may look cruel, but it is important, not just so that the LaserComb may live, but so that the newly-thinned hair herd may survive and flourish, its burden considerably lightened. /Mutual of Omaha
  • oh mct, the water on the keyboard is your fault!
  • consider me sufficiently freaked out.
  • Will this also work for know......down *there*?
  • i'm fascinated by how their client results are listed: --------------- Asian male early 30's. Professional male 52 years old. 32 year old male. Asian female late 20's. Arabic male late 30's Professional male 39 years old ---------------- "hey, you here for the laser hair treatment?" "yeah, i'm a professional. you?" "me? i'm asian. what about that guy over there?" "oh him, yeah, he's 32 years old."
  • I just comb my hair real close to the check-out scanners. Did my own eye surgery that way too!
  • heh! Bobsled. and for only $19.95 more you can get this sonic anal probe