January 30, 2004

From one little campaign scream a blast of new music emerges. (Warning: One click and you'll want to hear them all!)
  • sorry to be the harbinger of bad news. it's still funny, though. i like the electrodean one best. it's got a good beat.
  • oh my first double-post!!! let the snarky comments commence!!! *i'm a doofus, i admit*
  • You don't even deserve to be snarked...
  • nah, you can ride this storm out. just claim that you were alerting us to the fact that a) they've actually got the deangoesnuts.com address now, and b) i don't think there was an outkast mix when it was posted before... shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture.
  • no, now, come on, you KNOW you want to berate and belittle me here... BRING IT ON, MONKEYS!!! i can take it. (sniff)
  • SideDish smells of poopoo... You're really bad at the internet, SideDish... SideDish is such a... SideDish is... is... No. I can't do it. I just can't.
  • Laugh at her tattoo, everyone, quick...
  • i have a tattoo? oh, yeah, i do, don't i? heh.
  • Please describe this tattoo, dearest SideDish, in all its fantastic detail; for truly I yearn to know of the skin ornamentation of all MonkeyFilter members in excessive detail. It's a new hobby of mine (stamp collecting didn't work out so good).
  • SideDish broke MonkeyFilter! I'm tellin!
  • SideDish is teh sux0rs!!1!!! /picks nose
  • qnkid! i'd love to! picture a muscular, sweaty sailor back in the 1800s in a smoky tattoo parlor. he's about to go out to sea and wants to inscribe his sweetie's name on his bicep. think a heart, with a scroll across the front and her name in old-timey letters. now think of that with the name ANDY inscribed on my cute right butt-cheek. there you go!
  • Ow. My eyeballs are misting up. More seriously: that's ever so delightfully sweet, SideDish. Nice one, and love to you both :)