March 18, 2005

VideoGeorge: DVD backup Help me back up my DVDs! [I'm a vid idiot]

I'm running OS 10.3, and have used DVD Backup to copy the DVD to my Mac. The trouble is it's approximately 8Gb. What can I do to reduce that size to copy it to a writable DVD? Free solutions would be best ;-) I know this question is really basic... I've Googled but I have failed, and so I turn to the Monkeys. Any general information y'all could share is also greatly welcomed. Thanks!

  • There's a program called DVDShrink that runs on Macs, I believe, for that purpose specifically. I don't know much else about it. Also doom9 is the best-known clearinghouse for video/audio manipulation freeware, so if you haven't been there yet, that's my recommendation.
  • I haven't used either of these, but: DVDRemaster. It's quite expensive, though, at USD 40 for what is really a GUI to some open-source tools. DVD2OneX. Even more expensive at EUR 50. I couldn't find any free ones.
  • There are lots of options. Check Verisontracker. The link is a search that returns 140 hits for MacOSX and DVD. The first page has two backup solutions on it, DVDBackup1.3 and DVD2oneX 1.4.2. Something from that list should do the job for you.
  • check out Videohelp - tons of guides and links to freeware to do just about anything you want to a dvd. I would suggest DVDShrink if it's available for OSX, it's a really versatile and user-friendly program.
  • Thanks, guys, those sites are great! (Must work on my Googling, but I swear I couldn't find anything good)
  • DVD Shrink really does the trick.
  • #2 uses Handbrake DVD to MPEG-4 ripper on our iBook. It won't let you make backup copies, though, if you want to burn new discs.
  • Never used Roxio's Popcorn ... but a friend of mine swears by it - esp for reducing 8GB dvds to 4.7 GB ... you have to use mactheripper first if the dvd is copywrite protected though ... not sure of the exact proceedure but could find out if you needed
  • You may want to take a look at lxdvdrip.