March 18, 2005

Numa numa what? Sure, everyone's crazy about the numa-numa guy. There are even somewhat funny immitators, but let's not forget the original webcam sing-along that started it all. (wmv, sorry folks) So what happens to flash-in-the-pan Internet superstars? Life goes on, I suppose.
  • see mostly here. i'm just sayin, is all.
  • Who is that in those last 3 photos? Doesn't look like the numa-numa guy.
  • I know everyone knows numa-numa, but i wanted to draw attention to DeLa and OrT's System of a Down sing-along, which is old school. And in those pictures, those are the System of a Down guys from the second-last link, now aged three or four years since the video. I tracked them down! There's just no pleasing you monkeys... :'-(
  • I still really like the European guy best (the one who ends up hitting himself on the head with his vinyl record - which language does he speak?), because he does his own singing to Dragonstea Din Tei. Scarier. Though I have wondered if he is actually a little insane.
  • as far as I know, the laluna thing came before the numnuma guy >_> that system of a down video was hilarious though. I have not seen suck headbanging in my entire life.
  • Check out the grin on that guys face right before they rock out, it's the best part!