January 30, 2004

Hektor - the grafitti-drawing robot.
  • Gah! The popups, they hurt me! Aside from that... [banana]
  • What the robot does - sooooo cool. What that site does to my browser - leeeeesssss cool. Fortunately, the cool maths works out in your favour: (soooocool + leeeeessssscool) / maybeit'smyshitofficecomputerbrowsernotthesite = pretty damn cool [banana the size of a whale's penis]
  • Thank god man is developing technology to throw off the Terminators and Squiddies when they rise up to oppress us. Instead of torturing him, the agents will just tag "M0RPHEUS SUUXXXX" on the side of his hovercraft. Be sure to check out the PDF as well as the images and the really engrossing video. Not only does it have more pictures, it's got information on Hektor's pathfinding, and other such geekery.