March 17, 2005

The Scene. A suprisingly entrancing free online video series, and since something can't be popular on the Interent without being parodied. 4th episode NSFW. /.> Enter the Internet underworld. Where secret ftp servers with tons of space and bandwidth, provide the top of the the tree from which copyrighted media falls to the lower level peer to peer networks.

In keeping with the P2P scene. All the XviD videos along are listed on the site with P2P links and direct links for the uninitiated.

  • weird the "via /." shows correctly in preview and comments but not on the main page?
  • This is very interesting - I just watched the first 1/2 hour. Though perhaps a bit slow (though no slower than many non mainstream movies), it built up the drama through just one actor, who never spoke, an occasional voiceover, and the rest in text (I wonder what audiences who balk at subtitles would make of that?). Very interesting, from a film-making stance. The ending certainly did leave me wanting to see what happened in the next - and the music is good too. Of course, in keeping with the theme, I downloaded through bittorrent.