March 16, 2005

Infant care through SCIENCE. Continuing with my current baby theme, I bring you milk, nursing, infant management, and health care (in English!) Now where can I get me some "bignesse of a Pease of diascordium?

More on that second-last link here. (pdf)

  • "Infant Care" Pah. Give them a dose of Dr Wellstone's Fortified Swine's Milk, and shut them in the coal cupboard for a few days.
  • The nursing link, while amazingly sexist and haughty, has some sound advice. Go figure.
  • For benefit of Those Who Do Not The work of several lfetimes, to Understand the English Tongue in all its glory: Cod, as a verb can mean to monkey or play the fool. As a noun, it comes from an Anglo-Saxon word (cod) and meant a small bag, hence it's an old word for the scrotum. So I was not at all certain what to expect here. Anyhow, amusing and a bit fishy, for those who follow the sidebar lead-ins, as I often do.