March 16, 2005

This guy is great. It's a shame that his new-found fame is getting to him. Whatever, though - this is great fun. Requires quicktime. Has sound. Desperately hoping this isn't a double post.
  • That SUCKS that he's all depressed from it. He should be happy and proud -- a little goofiness is a good thing. We're laughing with ya, dude..
  • It's actually shockwave, not quicktime, isn't it?
  • It's actually shockwave, not quicktime, isn't it? It's actually FLASH, and neither shockwave nor quicktime.
  • oops, sorry [runs to get coffee, slaps self on wrist]. Make sure those webcams are turned off, guys...
  • This makes me happy.
  • That second link, from High Tech Magazine, is an uncredited New York Times article. So since HTM was too lazy or too selfish to add a simple credit line, I guess we're not supposed to notice that little fact. Plagiarism pisses me off. But the lip synching guy is great.
  • What Scartol said. I thought the best part was his lack of self-consciousness about the whole thing. Unlike that Ghyslain kid, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing putting that bit online, and having a good time. Oh well.
  • The crookedtimber crowd discussed this a while ago. Basically they thought the NYT was full of it.
  • Embarrassment? Tch. I loved that thing because I do the exact same damn thing but would never, ever have the metaphorical balls to own up to it until that thing made it look funny-in-a-not-vicious-way. (To that exact song, no less! I knew it from a previous and much smaller wave of internet fame, not that I'm gonna get all "I was cool before cool was cool" about it.) Totally not about embarrassment. Even though it was meant to be satirical, I don't think it's the same tone of mirth as the Star Wars Kid flap at all, at least as far as I understand the SWK thing (I wasn't paying attention when it was going on). ...but then I am a Barenaked Ladies fan, so one may want to take my opinion on chubby guys dancing like lunatics with a grain of salt.
  • I hope this guy reads all the good things that are being said about this video, if he ever goes online again. I mean, he's made thousands of people's work-days better, and millions of people have smiled because of him. What's there to be ashamed of in that? Me too, Wurwilf.
  • I just showed this video to my daughter (6)...don't know why I haven't shown her this before. She immediately picked up on the lyrics, sort of, and had me play it over and over so she could imitate his dancing. He has made at least two people enjoy a few moments because of his silliness. Thanks again numanuma guy.
  • Sweet jesus. I.. can't.. get that... song head...
  • Off topic, but that 2ch-produced animutation from that other thread is very old. Also it's full of horrid puns. I still can't stop laughing at 'fericirea' turning into 'panchi-ra' (panties), or the 'tau si' of 'Chipul tau si dragostea din tei' becoming 'Dhalsim'. Total silliness.