March 16, 2005

It's a joke, with monkey in the title (answer to your cowbell dreams). If you must have more cowbell, a simple device to help you achieve it.

While I believe that the "More cowbell" joke was in currency well before the April 2000 SNL sketch that most reference, I can't find any definitive proof, at least on the internets.

  • Looks like that'll go good in a professional cowbell rack system.
  • Nothing says "More cowbell" like Christopher Walken. Disappointing that so much of the site is down for maintenance. I was hoping to find a sales agent in my area so I could test the sound quality in person. I guess the sound samples are a close second.
  • During my inspection of this site, I suddenly realized I was cackling like a fool at the minor variations in pitch of the Digital Modeling Cowbell. I had to stop.
  • I know. I laughed too, and was getting a little too serious in thinking, "No, that can't be the tone from that! The shape is all wrong!"