January 30, 2004

Game Girl Advance is a gaming site made with a literate, multi-gender, gawker-savvy audience in mind. Take a peek at Matthew Barney vs. Donkey Kong, Lara Croft Needlepoint and the first Playstation game to come with a vibrator (pun intended).
  • I like this site, although I stopped reading about six months back or so, for no apparent reason. Thanks for the reminder, forksclovetofu. (And that does appear to be the primary use of the Rez Vibrator)
  • Same here, I started some time ago, and then stopped reading for no obvious reason. thanks, forksclovetofu
  • Game Girl Advance is pretty cool. And I have a cyber-crush on jane. However, there is a growing number of game related blogs that are equally worthy. Ludology is probably the best known, but it has been a bit slow lately. Gamers With Jobs, Curmudgeon Gamer, and Reality Panic are all good reading. Then of course there is my own blog, Popular Culture Gaming which I like to think is pretty sweet, but I might be biased...
  • excellent stuff there. lots of reading to be done.