March 16, 2005

How to Be Emo - A hilarious short, errr... 21 minute film. Makes me wanna go write a poem. WARNING: Massive file size. Broadband highly recommended.

First post. I sincerely hope this isn't a repost.

  • Seeing that ruined my whole day week month life.
  • related.
  • Tupac? emo?
  • This is really funny. I am astonished at how many people I knew in high school who fit this to a T... I admit to being a fringe affiliate of the group, but I was too nerdy to worry sufficiently about appearances.
  • That was cute!
  • Does this have anything to do with Emo Philips? I'm on dialup.
  • hahaha... that was great.
  • Very funny! Almost as good as the real thing.
  • Say, what are guys like me with naturally black hair, naturally emaciated bodies, naturally vegetarian diets, and naturally ancient clothes to do? I don't want to be emo!
  • So, I used to have these really cool glasses that flattered my face and suited my complextion. Yep, they were small and square and black. But I can't ever get a pair like that again. Maybe I was fringe emo - several of my male friends in highschool dressed like this (satchel, hoodies, dyed black hair), but only one was the least bit "emo" (in the sense of being "sensitive", though he tended to listen to Nice Cave rather than any of the bands they listed) - the rest were kind of chipper and into comic books, computers, and anime. I never heard the word "emo" until very recently (I was in highschool in the nineties). Also, there is this weird grad student chic thing, like emo without the emotion or music, but definitely heavy intellectual (I mean, even a little too intellectual for grad students). I think hanging around in coffee shops may also be required. Any connection?
  • Let's see... writes poetry, sensitive, gets all the girls... bees, what color is your hair?
  • You could get contacts and listen to Justin Timberlake, and um, let people just think those tofu pups are turkey franks. I am still giggling over tapping Johnny Unitas with a pipe. Vote for Naheema!
  • heh... we used to call our selves indy-rock. now it's emo. the bands change, the schtick remains the same
  • I admit to being a fringe affiliate of the group Heh...
  • There, there Zanshin. We'll be OK.
  • Yeah, I can dig Tupac as emo. It's a strech, but I guess it works! Who woulda thunk?
  • well, he did suck really bad. And he was skinny.
  • Hanging around coffee shops definitely a plus. Unless they're in malls. Get seen in a mall and your toast. /ex-emo boy and affectionado