March 15, 2005

Think the Harlem Globtrotters are getting too big for their britches? Then why not support a smaller team: The Tiny Trotters -- a basketball team consiting of Little People (warning site is full of horrble java). The most brilliant idea for sports entertainment EVAR!!!
  • First Mini-Kiss, now this. I must have died and gone to midget heaven! DISCLAIMER: I can use the term "midget," because I am, in fact, a real dwarf. DISCLAIMER #2: I'm really not a dwarf.
  • I wanna see the dunk contest.
  • Do they have miniature balls?
  • Most annoying website ever -- froze my computer for 10 minutes -- and a pretty crappy FPP as a result, in my book. You owe me 10 minutes of my life.
  • NO, I mean do they play with them?
  • Oh shit Are they regulation? Oh, never mind. *turns of computer, goes to bed
  • Argh: The site says that the team has one "large person." I was wondering if he was there to dunk. (I wonder if they're annoyed that the large person is included? When I played "women's" indoor soccer every team included one guy as a player-manager and I thought that reeked.)
  • Sorry, HawthorneWingo, I did warn you that it was full of crappy java. However, I still stand by my assertion that the idea of little people doing Harlem Gobetrotter-esque antics is genius.
  • well, it's a definite step up from dwarf tossing.
  • well, it's a definite step up from dwarf tossing. Not if the dunk competition is what I hope think it is.
  • I am seeing the Globetrotters play in eight days. I have never seen it, and I am taking my cousin's son (my second cousin, I believe). I am really looking forward to it.
  • The Globetrotters put on a great show. Have fun!
  • I always thought they should make the baskets higher because when basketball was invented folks weren't so freakishly tall as they are now.
  • Regarding the height of the baskets, I remember that around the time the WNBA started there was another women's league (the ABL?) that had lower rims so the women could dunk more easilly.
  • I believe that is the same league that had the women playing in one-piece spandex uniforms. Ah, the objectification of women....
  • MonkeyFilter: it's a definite step up from dwarf tossing. Oh, yes!
  • Yes, you did warn me, jccalhoun. Sadly, though, not enough!