March 15, 2005

But' I was only checkin' me mail! whats a blog?
  • This is nothing new. About 20 years ago, when I was working for a large international corporation, I was "asked" to sign a form which stated that our relationship was "at will." That meant that they could terminate my employment for almost any reason, and that I could quit for any reason. It's called "at will" employment, or something similar. It does give the employer the upper hand, since I think I could have always have quit for whatever reason. I signed willingly, since I knew that I was an exceptional employee and it didn't keep me from quitting if I wanted to. I think that most companies in the US have adopted that policy. But those folks weren't just checking their email. If I had gone out on the public streets to say that my employer had done something wrong, I would have had to do so at risk of being fired, since I also was required to sign a non-disclosure agreeement. Non-disclosure agreement go back at least to the 1960s, from my knowledge. And the internet is just another public street. And those people were probably violating agreements they'd signed.
  • Its all gravy until Congress applies McCain-Feingold to bloggers.
  • blogrot: how about a link on that.
  • here's a link for you, path.
  • Thanks, Pruner, but I think that the government is going to have to consider which blogs are "media" which are just common folks' journals. Should be an interesting debate.
  • Best idea is to go anonymous then.
  • Whats this got to do with french fries and coogle?