March 13, 2005

Afghan Einstein - it's about quality, not quantity.
  • Are you sure it's not one of Saddams body doubles? (Sorry, Afghanistan is not Iraq, but it's hard to get that notion into my head.)
  • Somehow, I fail to see why it's necessary to emphasize that he is from Afganistan to this extent. I met this guy from earth once who looked a lot like Gabe Kaplan, maybe he was from Afganistan, or maybe he was just the same species.
  • Foreigners un-nerve Americans.
  • Albert Einstein was a foreigner too. Did he unnerve Americans also?
  • Yes, he did. He unnerved everyone. Particularly when he started gabbing away about peace, that was particularly unpalatable. I would have found it amusing if the only Einstein lookalike that turned up was a muslim gay black man from the camaroon. Or a palestinian.