March 12, 2005

Glorious Spring! Take heart, Northern monkeys, the vernal equinox is but days away!

The Green Man is about, Persephone returns from the underworld, Brigit has had her feast and the Frog Moon is in the sky. Nature is on the move, from the tundra to the seas. The winter birds have changed their tune and summer birds are winging. The sap is running, buds are greening and soon all will be abloom.

  • Whatever. The snow will be here until the beginning of May. The trees will releaf in June. The midnight sun will arrive in June, too. (Sometimes I do want summer to come quicker.)
  • Oh, to see how things were up here not two weeks ago, take a look at this picture (700KB).
  • *considers a move further north come June*
  • god, Skrik, that's gorgeous.
  • Skrik, that is very beautiful, altho I have to say I'll take the temperately commodius bay area any time. the magnolias, plum and cherry trees starting blooming in late helps with that "winter"time depression thing :)
  • Lovely post, Islander! Monkeys in the UK: The BBC wants to know when you see the first signs of spring. Frogspawn anyone?
  • How lovely, Skrik! Although, I must say that coming home to Ohio after a week in the Carribean was a little depressing. March = bleh.
  • Wow, that is one gorgeous pic, Skrik. heh pic Skrik. heh. I love winter! I hate Summer! I hate Spring, it's such a bummer!
  • I am so thankful for the longer days. Although it is supposed to snow here tonight.
  • We have long winters here too, but at least there is more sunshine and the days are much longer. Montreal is at about the same longitude as Southern France and Northern Italy... When I tell that to Europeans they don't believe me. It's snowing here too and I'm going to ski monday.
  • Great post, Islander! The link to the Tate Online is fabulous - lots of time to be wasted there. And I was really disappointed to find out what they used the hole in trysting stones for. Beautiful photo there, Skrik. I never made it up to Norway/Sweden/Finland when I was tooling around Europe in college. I headed up that way sometime in February of that year. When I made it to the Netherlands I realized that I was woefully unprepared for the even chillier climes of Scandinavia. So I turned around and spent the next two weeks in Spain. As for the SF Bay Area, we were having unseasonally high temperatures this past week. Quite ridiculous weather for March around here - I don't mind a nice warm day but it just weirds me out to see the weather patterns here continue their trend to be drier and warmer.
  • Yes, Ooga, the weather is getting really sucky. Scary to think what will happen here. Less than 50% normal snowpack--dry dry dry. No irrigation water here, and the hay prices will be outragous, I'm afraid. The wind always blows here, but the wind speeds are increasing like crazy. I'm really sick of the hazy days--so much crud in the air that you can barely see 80 miles in either direction. We used to be able to see clean to the Nevada border from on top the mountain. The weather's gone to hell. /rant
  • Here in Seattle, Spring came about three weeks ago. Now we're into mid-summer. I expect the leaves to begin turning color sometime in early April. We're always just ahead of the times like that.
  • We just hit a record high of 82F yesterday. Today it's predicted to top out at 50, tomorrow shall be 36. Makes getting dressed in the morning an exercise in planning.
  • Winnipeg had a pretty mild winter this year. We had 2-inch thick ice on the inside of our windows for only 3 weeks, not 2 months like last year. Now we're heading into the mud and grit season, my favorite time of year.