March 12, 2005

It puts the lotion on it's skin. NSFW. Disturbing music video that stays in your head.
  • hate to spoil it but I'm sure this was on here earlier, just can't remember where.. anywho, what was the name of the band that did it?
  • That's some sick stuff. Seriously.
  • Christina Aguilera never looked better.
  • It's the Greenskeepers. I think it was posted to Metafilter on a now-vanished host. Nice to see it again, I suppose, although I'd almost banished it from my internal soundtrack. Could be worse. Could be Manilow.
  • Well, I couldn't get it to load. Can someone reenact it here?
  • I was just telling a friend about this video yesterday, glad somebody found it and posted it, saved me from googeling it (^_^) Yes, makes me want to dig a hole in my basement just so I can throw young teenage girls down there and sing this song to them . . . Of course I would let them out again, but only after they had put the lotion in the basket . . .
  • But this is just a Silence of the lambs mashup? What's so disturbing about that?
  • Not really original at all but really funny in a "why doesn't everyone have a pit in their house" kind of way.
  • *Exactly* I've got my pit in the basement, have you got yours? I mean really, in these days and times of prisoner abuse and torture, it just seems the logical thing to do . . .
  • Creepiest catchy song ever. I freak myself out as I keep humming it.
  • Does an S&M dungeon count?
  • I just realised that this is the perfect time and place to say this: YOU SICK FUCKS. That is all.
  • Alnedra swore. *gasps*
  • No,no,no... that was not swearing! That was um...a quotation! Yeah. *slinks off*
  • Alnedra! I am so fuc seriously shocked at you. Go get me the fu soap to wash your mouth out.
  • BlueHorse used soap. *gasps* HEE! /scampers off
  • <3