March 12, 2005

Interactive anatomy from the BBC.
  • [requires Flash]
  • Nice, Plegmund! I wish there was a more complete, online atlas implemented like this.
  • I'm "bodger" on the organs. That means "Excellent" in British, right? (And it would have been a million times easier if the fuckin' body was bigger. I was putting the kidneys into the same spot— for me— three or for times before it suddenly realized that was where the kidneys went. I think that's because the threshold that it accepts is too low, aside from on a very large screen...)
  • fun, fun, fun!
  • skeletal )
  • Gender is not male or female--that is sex; and the penis was not an option for the male--i expect better from the bbc.
  • As my old English teacher used to say, "Gender is not a substitute for sex - and neither is anything else".
  • Thank you PinkMoose. You are now immortalized in a MoFi tagline: MonkeyFilter: the penis was not an option for the male Please continue.