March 11, 2005

A New Bunny you know how they're updating Bugs Bunny to some crappy shit? Here's a flash animation mockery thing of that concept. NOT safe for work. I found it LOL funny, hope you do too.

Hope not a repost. I searched.

  • Monkeyfilter: It keeps your head warm. While ing your sister up the ing , you ing -! Sounds more like Road-Runner to me....
  • Yes, the Road Runner was the first instance of dirty words beeing beeped out for young TV audiences. Apparently the RR was one foul-mouthed little m*therf*cker.
  • first it was just annoying, then it made me smile, and when it got to the point that there were more "beeps" than there were words I was just laughing... sometimes we have to push past "annoying" to really understand life. Did I say something deep?
  • Don't worry HuronBob - it'll pass . . .
  • Krusty (brainstorming Poochie): So he's proactive, huh? Network Exec: Oh God, yes, we're talking about a totally outrageous paradigm. Writer: Excuse me, but "proactive" and paradigm"? Aren't those just buzzwords that dumb people use to sound important? Not that I'm accusing you of anything like that. ...I'm fired, aren't I? Roger Meyers Jr.: Oh, yes.
  • X-Rated Road Runner: Bleep! Bleep! The Poochie episode was truly one the Simpsons' Best. Episodes. Ever. for its total disemboweling and disection of almost every aspect of the Animation Biz. It was funny 'cuz it's true. And there was even a Road Runner reference, when the June Foray-clone complained that she only got paid for ONE 'Beep' and the cheap bastards at Warner Brothers doubled it up...
  • It was funny the way the first 10 minutes of South Park the Movie were funny, in that, they're just using so many swear words that you become desynthesized. The only problem was that it wasn’t an intro, there were a lot of beeps, and it didn’t lead to anything funny. Not to mention the voice did not sound *anything* like bugs. Ok, I laughed. But under extreme protest.
  • If you thought that was crass and unfunny, wait 'til you see 'Loonatics'. And no, the voice didn't sound like Bugs; it sounded like Buzz. I have a fantasy in which no one watches the new show, and many overpaid and underqualifed WB executives lose their jobs. Call me a crazy dreamer.
  • This is dispicable sthwp! That black widow with the gold rings is puzzling.
  • I laughed my fucking ass off. Especially when the credits rolled and he just kept going :D
  • I laughed my fucking ass off. Especially when the credits rolled and he just kept going :D
  • I laughed my fucking ass off. Especially when the credits rolled and he just kept going :D
  • desynthesized? swear words can do that? wow.
  • Yes, I also laughed my [beep]ing a[beep] off. Three times.
  • I hope he doesn't spurt his man-yogurt on my udders.
  • What the beep are you beeps goin' on about now?
  • It's not beep. It's meep meep! and then you do that tongue thing
  • I think I'll like the new show. I think I'll like it even more if it's like this.
  • Actually, it is, "beep, beep" and the originator didn't even get paid for one of them because he was a peon from the WB mailroom.
  • Yeah, but he could make a fortune now, making convention appearances.
  • Oh, son of a moha' less beep.... That's some funny beepin' beep. I just watched it. Ha, oh christ all mighty I almost pissed myself. My grandmthers like, whats all that beepin', and I'm like I don't know. Oh christ....
  • Lucifurby seems to have mixed his memories. The 'meep meep' sound of roadrunner was, if my own memories are correct, based on a WB worker who always made the sound when coming through a door with a box or whatever, like a horn, so you could get out of the way. Later they got either June Foray or Mel Blanc to make the actual sound, which was forever re-used, never to be recorded again, so they didn't have to pay the vocal artist. June Foray also did the voice of granny (tweety bird's owner) IIRC, & Rocky the flying squirrel in R & Bullwinkle.