March 11, 2005

Conspiracy theory du jour - On September 5, 1982, paperboy Johnny Gosch was abducted. According to some sources including, apparently, Gosch himself, the 12 yr-old was taken by a highly organized pedophile/pornography ring. Gosch escaped his captors, & now lives under an assumed identity. That identity is allegedly James Dale Guckert - aka Jeff Gannon, adult pornographer, gay escort & fake journalist. The Moscow Gazette reports that 'Gannon' will write a tell-all book exposing a ring of homosexuals & pedophiles within the highest ranks of the GOP. Predictably, others think all this is bullshit.

Rabidly irrational conspiracy & UFO nut site Jeff Rense has a couple of pics here showing the similarities of features. Rense is hardly a reliable source, but that doesn't mean everything that appears on the website is baloney, even though I think most of it is. I shudder to link to a site that supports ernst zundel but can't be bothered making my own morph of the faces. I don't really believe this, myself, but after all the lies & horrendous crimes of the highest ranking figures in the US government, I don't quite know what to believe anymore. Much of this is disinformation that even, in the minds of tinfoil-beanie heads, ties into the death of Hunter S. Thompson. This is deeply weird shit.

  • It would be a great irony if the same man who has the liberal folks all up in arms suddenly transforms into their messiah, and the has the opposite experience with the Republicans.
  • (notice I am not holding my breath here)
  • IMHO, more likely theory: that the mother came up with this to get the case back into the news, or, as some kind of coping mechanism. from a 1999 column in the des moines register: I pressed her for details. I wanted to know exactly what happened that night. Here's what she said: It was 2:30 in the morning on March 18, 1997, and she answered a knock at her West Des Moines apartment. Two men were there and she recognized her son, who was 27 at that time. They talked for about 90 minutes. "He talked about what he had endured all those years. He didn't discuss every detail of the sex abuse. He would have been embarrassed and he didn't want to hurt me. Sons take the role of protector when it comes to their mothers." She offered to call the police, but he wouldn't let her. He said his abductors are out there and he's in danger. He left at about 4 in the morning. I still didn't buy it. If that was my kid -- under those circumstances -- I'd sell everything I own, borrow, steal, do what I had to to get some money and run with him to Europe or Asia or South America. She shook her head. "I don't have anything to sell. Everything I had went into trying to find my son. I was working three jobs at one point. I don't expect you to understand. You can't understand."
  • If it's true, you can be sure he won't survive to tell any of the tale. He'd have "committed suicide", leaving a convenient note behind that blames the liberal media for smearing his good name.
  • ...and here I thought the Gannon case couldn't get any weirder.
  • (notice I am not holding my breath here) Me too. I'm filing this under too good to be true.
  • This is interesting, if far-fetched. Has Gannon made any public comment about his identity?
  • This all serves to distract from the real issue: that some guy with a fake identity and a questionable background got White House security clearance.
  • I'm with rocket on this one. Smells manufactured. You point at the moon. Populace looks at your finger.
  • Yep. It reeks, alright. Too bad, though. Something like this would be useful in dismantling some of the Right Wing.
  • I don't think this distracts from the Gannon (non)scandal at all. I think it enhances it. Whether or not he's actually Gosch, hopefully momentum will build until somebody seriously looks into the Gannon situation. Aren't any of the mainstream White House reporters pissed off enough about this fakery to dig into this? Cowards.
  • I missed your links, KtheC.
  • I also heard Marilyn Manson is Paul Pfeiffer from the Wonder Years. ...waits.... is a democrat president yet?
  • Omigosh, that poor, poor man-child! To be exposed to all those homerosexual preversions! I weep, I wail, I throw my arms towards the heavens in despair! Please God, strike down those conservative preverts who abuse your name and reputation!
  • Having a hard time bringing up the link.
  • I soooo want this to be true, but it just seems too far out there to ever be taken seriously by the mainstream media.
  • Too silly. I did laugh out loud though when they brought Hunter Thompson into the mix!
  • I want this to be true too, but not for any partisan points or anything. I want it to be true because it's a fucking incredible story! It would be the ultimate in fake news made real!
  • Yeah, I'm with js on this one. My first reaction was to laugh my ass off. World Weekly News could become a respected periodical!
  • Don't play into the disinfo campaign.
  • Rove is the origionator.
  • Even though I highly doubt this is true, I'm going to pretend to believe it. It's just too much fun imagining a satanic pedophile sex ring operating out of the Lincoln Bedroom. So I'm not seeing any "disinfo."
  • I'm waiting for the revelation that Gannuckert is Bush's personal love slave. GW Bush is SO gay. By the way, what's a guckert? That's the sound that the lips and throat make when swallowing cum. Like: "I think I heard a guckert in the oval orofice."
  • Orococo- Let Dan Savage know that definition. It's AWESOME!
  • When your on the governments payroll, they can spook you into anywhere.