March 11, 2005

Ancient Chinese sex-toys [NSFW if 3000 year bronze dildos aren't your workplace thing] The text is in Chinese but the pictures speak for themselves via Danwei
  • So that's the ancient Chinese secret, huh? Nice.
  • Oh how nice, they had a double headed one. Design hasn't changed much over the years, though the material is maybe a bit softer now.
  • Holy hacksaws...I assume they warm them up first? Having lived through a few pap tests in my time...brrr. Heh...speaking of pap tests, I once had one the morning after dropping acid and watching Dead Ringers. /berail (less severe than a derail)
  • I followed the link at the top of the page, which is to a site promoting 'healthy sex culture', including quoting Karl Marx on love and sex and some other faintly wacky stuff mixed in with good advice. Anyhoo, also loads more pics including this nice one of some lovely lasses buying toys (it says it's a Ming dynasty picture).
  • Can't stop myself now Doctor They call this the Budweiser boat.... ....because it's fucking close to water. hoo hoo hee hee. Actually a Jin dynasty bone carving. Also a Qing dynasty chair specially designed for sex, and a Ming dynasty 'implement for punishing prostitutes'. It doesn't say how but the wording implies official punishment. Crushing fingers? Pretty grim looking any road up.
  • Er, Abiezer? I think you're mistaken- these are clearly from the Dong dynasty.
  • Curious how the punishment implement is still artistically constructed in the form of an animal (crocodile?). It may be an instrument of torture, but that doesn't mean it can't look nice. That's civilisation for you, I suppose.
  • Dammit, hikikomori beat me to it.
  • Whoa! Fish tick wins.
  • You were both wrong these are clearly from the Wang Dynasty.
  • I disagree- I think the double one belongs to the Hung Dynasty.
  • Damn, and my birthday was just a few days ago!:<
  • *boggled* I thought that multi-prong one was for four people. Do they have rings on the end so that one can lock them in place or to prevent loss, I wonder.