March 11, 2005

Oh Mikey!
  • Interesting. (slightly NSFW banner ad)
  • That looks weird as hell! Has anybody seen it? I want to.
  • I've seen it. We watched it in my Japanese class for shits and giggles. One of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. If anybody wants, I can describe a short episode for you.
  • 40 bucks is too much for me for just a single volume. But I'd love to see the show.
  • Tony & Charles have got a Leopold & Loeb feel about them. Creepy and funny!
  • Leopold and Loeb Have you seen Hitchcock's Rope?
  • Yeah, I saw it a few weeks ago. I'd seen creepy killer movies before but that one really creeped me out. Hitchcock really was a freakin' genius.