March 11, 2005

MeFi Santa Monica MeetUp Sunday, March 13th I'm surprised some other duel-citizenship-Fite hasn't posted this earlier.

I'm trying trying trying to make it - If you wanna crash the party, just go to the North End of the 3rd Street Promenade about 4PM and look Southward for a large man with a stuffed weasel (that's not a euphemism).

  • Damn it, I can't go. Now I'll never get a date.
  • Well, at least you have a calendar. If there was a meet up anywhere near me, I'd be completely free to attend.
  • Not around this weekend, obviously... but I'll be in LA for a few days the week after next. Mandyman and I were yakking on IRC about initiating a meetup the night of March 24 (Thursday). So, markest thou thy calendars!
  • Yes, bone! And my sister and brother in law may not fly in that night after all (they're hoping to get bumped from the flight and score some free tickets).
  • im gonna go and SPY!
  • sexbot, I doubt you can disguise yourself well enough to remain unnoticed... that said, expect me to get arrested for ripping hats off several young people of both genders and yelling "SEXYROBOT!"
  • Did no monkeys show up for this?