March 09, 2005

Mic In Track Sometimes, people recording their voices on their home computers accidentally make the recording available via Kazaa or other file-sharing network. And sometimes, a mischeivious composer known as Stark Effect remixes those recordings into songs, which can be incredibly catchy, surprisingly wistful, or just sweet.
  • Brilliant. I really dug Testing 1-2-3
  • That's fabulous! "Testing 1-2-3" was OK, but I have got to add "Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese & Milk" to my regular playlist.
  • Fantastic! Testing 1-2-3 is my fave, too. For those of you out there with a few hundred dollars to spend and a bit of time to learn the software, you can pretty much make your own versions of things like this using Melodyne by Celemony (which is quite a powerful bit of software which you can get pretty cheap) and a synth program (there are tons of those). Melodyne Melodyne is my guess on the software that Stark Effect uses, as you can use it to quantize speech to fit a musical rhythm as well as change even flat spoken speech into a (sort of) sung melody.
  • Scary dairy!
  • brazilliant. izzle.
  • Abso-freakin-lutely awesome!!!!
  • .
  • Splenda-excello-super-duper-riffically-wicked-cool!
  • This is awesome. I've bookmarked it for later use... Thanks, jacobw!
  • I've added Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese & Milk to my shopping list.
  • Thats my favorite sesame street bit.
  • Ooookay, I know Stark Effect from the "Under Pressure" / "Ice Ice Baby" mashup and even more so for "We Like Repartee," one of the Dictionareoke bits. Which is now planted in my head Every. Single. Time. I scroll past this. Thanks! :D ...will have to check out BSC&M, though.
  • For added fun, play the 'think of me' track (the 'sweet' link) while watching this animation.
  • Hmmm . . . reminds me of Negativland
  • omg, he's done some of the songs on one of my favorite sites dictionaraoke...wacky wacky stuff