March 09, 2005

high quality fps Only requirement: a browser and shockwave.
  • I saw this last week. It takes FOREVER to download. definitly not for dial up! It is pretty sweet though. Fun. There was one other guy playing when I was on there. Unfortunatley I was on my laptop with a touch pad and he kicked my ass. (I assume it was a guy and not a bot, not sure really.)
  • It loaded very quickly for me, but I'm at work so that could explain it. You probably played against a bot, I'm not sure it's possible to play against real people.
  • It loaded pretty quickly for me on a 512 connection. It is bots, though they are some settings (escape > settings) that point to playing against real people but i'm not entirely sure what they mean! It's more fun if you increase the number of bots though in the game tab in the settings. Thanks for the link!
  • Took forever to load. My computer is toooooo slooooow!
  • for me, at work, it takes forever and then i just get a blank screen with the running info on the upper left. wah!
  • let it go a bit longer once you get the running info. for me it took quite a bit longer after that came up.
  • "This is strictly a technology demo for a Shockwave first-person shooter, and does not in any way represent an actual game."
  • But very addictive, nonetheless.
  • [this is rad]
  • playing with the gravity is great. Set it at 10 and jump around a bit. You can sail out of the level if you want to.
  • Testing for Alpha build 248 is over. Next version should be ready in about a month. Thanks for playing! oh.