March 09, 2005

Implosion World.

I sort of wish they hadn't credited the Taliban with the world record for the oldest ever structure destroyed by explosive demolition (the Bamiyan Buddhas), though.

  • Didn't the Acropolis blow up during some Byronesque Greek war for independence for the Ottamans due to them storing all their gunpowder there? Anyhow, bangin' bit of linkage plegmund. Oh and I was going to say Fred Dibnah, but I find "some people mistakenly think that Fred ‘blows up chimneys!’.Not True. Fred has never and will never use dynamite. As usual, Fred prefers an old fashioned method of cutting a mouth out in the bottom of the chimney and propping the opening up with bits of telegraph poles and wooden chocks." Being dead will have cut back on his dynamite use too I suppose.
  • The Fred-ster rocks (rocked). One day I want to be like him - eccentric and with a mine shaft in my back garden. Except I will sport the 'Gauguin' model 'tache.
  • Are these the same people that did the WTC? /ducks (no not that duck) for cover under tinfoil hat
  • Mmmm, demolition porn.
  • demolition porn Yes, except that looking at all those collapsing chimneys... I'll leave it there, I think.
  • Take a look at these naughty parchments and we'll try again in 5 minutes...
  • Amazing how they're able to control such enormous forces and avoid damage to surrounding buildings.
  • I was struggling between my enjoyment of the demolition porn and my sadness at seeing old landmarks (like Jefferson Davis Hospital in my hometown) blown up.
  • Wow, what a good day on MoFi for the juvenile boy that still lingers inside me... Exploding buildings and Doctor Who (up above). What's next? How to roll a joint? A pictorial history of Dungeons and Dragons? The little monster can't wait to find out.
  • I could watch Veteran's Stadium blow up all day long.
  • To answer my first question: how to roll a joint