March 09, 2005

Moskau! Moskau! When Teutonic pop goes bad. Late 70's German pop group Dschinghis Khan sought to combine historical and epic themes with disco beats, Abba-esque style, and Village People dance moves. Ensuing train wreck is preserved for all to see. [Flash, sound, SFW]
  • This is the best post ever.
  • ha ha ha ha ha - HEY!
  • I think you should have posted that link in the Star Trek finale thread and hinted it was advance footage of the climactic final scenes of the series smuggled out by a die-hard fan and crew member.
  • That video clearly contains a young Dr. Evil, as the Swedish chef-type subtitles mention.
  • This was so painful to watch, I couldn't make it to the end. It was lovely.
  • It made me think of this wonderful video that I also stumbled upon today at moistworks. Behold...Apache!
  • Anyone else have trouble playing it?
  • Dear god, mandyman. That was .... I need to lie down....
  • Apache! Oh my lord, I never new I could be SO attracted to another man. Now I understand the meaning of the word "swoon".
  • Can it compare to Armi ja Danny?
  • That Apache video is fabulous.
  • That bald guy is sexy. I find bald guys really sexy. I bet he could go at it all night. But the main singer looks a bit too much like Ming the Merciless for my liking. I wonder, where are they now? My brother toured with Boney M a few years back.
  • And I had sex with Eddie Grant. That was a long time ago.
  • It just came up on BoingBoing. Here's a link to the video in mpg format.