March 07, 2005

Using bumptunes and the Powerbook's new accelerometer to control iTunes playback. This just smacks of the future. And man, If I love anything, It's the future. [Via:]

Wicked. Tasty microembodiment. Indeed.

  • That's not the future, that's the past.. when I used records ('member them??)...if I didn't like a "track" I would just smack the record player... it would jump to the next one... seriously...does someone really think that the best way to control iTunes on a Powerbook is to smack the thing???? These guys deserve any damage they do....
  • so what, this is for people who think pressing "<<" or ">>" is too damn hard? freaking mac cultists.
  • what if the song's so good you start bobbing your knee and skip it? This page should be deleted from the megaweb so people don't get mad at their computers and shoot each other.
  • OK, not for iTunes then, but the tilt chip is useful for playing games.
  • Wow, you guys know how to kill the mood. I thought this was cool, even if it isn't necessarily that useful. Also, there's no actual smacking involved, I don't think; it looks like "bump" is a euphemism for "tilt quickly."
  • even with "tilt quickly"....what's the advantage... someone explain to me how this is possibly better/easier/faster/more fun/sexier/whatever than hitting a key???
  • There is no advantage for the specific itunes application.... this is more of a proof of concept sorta thing. The possibilities are much more wide ranging. And no, just tilting your laptop won't break it. The cool thing is the accelerometer is precise enough to measure small, non destructive movements as well. Think. How many times have you seen someone playing a video game, and when they try to make a tight corner, they tilt the controller, and perhaps their whole body? that's all i'm saying really. Making computation more physical. i think it's fantabulous.
  • Freen said: Making computation more physical. i think it's fantabulous. sure, for games. but for changing tunes in your media player? this kind of dumb crap passes for innovation in the computer industry? i give up. i'm sick of this fuzzy 'play with your computer, not on it' garbage that seems to rule apple cultists minds (i don't mean users, i mean cultists. you know the ones i mean. the OS al'Qaeda) I don't want 'lickable'. i don't want a computer that does it all for me (and listen up M$, too) and I really don't want stupid tactile interfaces. I want it to work THE WAY I EXPECT IT TO WORK and if it doesn't, then I want to be able to MAKE IT WORK THAT WAY. I despise the way Apple tells me what I want from a computer. And the cultists - don't you tell me you're breaking M$ monopolies by buying an apple and then using MS Office and Internet Explorer on it. You know what you're doing? Giving them more frigging money, you ignorant tosspot. And your vaunted PowerPC chip is made by IBM. So there. And damn sodding right I'm gonna get cranky over an interface for a mediaplayer that works by hitting, bumping, tilting, caressing, or jacking off over my computer. so ner. and now back to your regularly scheduled thread...
  • I don't like that track. * tilts prismatic7 *
  • why i oughta... oneathese days, furiousdork.. *POW!* Right to the moon!
  • You dorks skipped halfway through my Bowie hour with all your tilting at technological windmills. Knock that shit off...
  • Well, I thought it was cool.
  • I'm gonnna make blender3D ( use this as a real time input for it's interface, so that when I'm on a plane, I can make a 3D model of said plane turn and bank as I sit it the real plane. Why? Because I can!
  • The accelerometer is sensitive enough to detect you even lightly tapping the case, or even the desk your PB is sitting on. It's pretty cool to tap the desk to control itunes... 'Specially if you are busy with something else
  • You see, this wasn't the reason apple put an accelerometer in the powerbooks. Someone just figured out that there was one, and thought hmm... what can i do with it. As jacbo has deftly indicated, the possibilities are endless. I believe there is also an accelerometer in the new thinkpads as well. It's an unintended use for a cool technology. Man you guys are cranky.
  • I don't quite grasp your rant prismatic7, the accelerometer in the PB is to park the drive heads if the computer experiences freefall so they don't go crashing into the platters on impact. This itunes thing is just some person's idle hack, not a product of Jobs, high preist of Apple. Sheesh, chill out.
  • I guess you guys were never curious six-year-olds. This is totally a "let's see what fun things we can do with [fill in the blank] today" kind of exercise, and people just piled on it like Apple had thrown out the keyboard on the Powerbook or something. No one's making you control iTunes this way, nor are they even suggesting you should. It's just a frickin' sand castle, not the Hagia Sophia.
  • Hell, you could put one of those 12 inchers on a helicopter, with some gps and use it to control the helicopter or plane. I mean a fricken flying robot. with Wifi. I don't think ya'll are grasping the possibilities here.