March 07, 2005

Curious George: Auto repair/service shop forums? (more inside)

Where can I find an online forum for owners & managers of auto repair/service shops? Not that I'm interested in the minutia of replacing an oxygen sensor in a '93 Civic, but I would like to research and discuss such topics as: What's a decent, affordable tire mounting & balancing machine? What are the merits of a four post vs. two post hydraulic lift? What accounting software to use for part inventory control? Usenet, phpBB-ish forum, or searchable mailing lists are all fine, but my Google Fu is failing me in locating an actual forum or list.

  • I bet you that some of the folks on the forum can point you in the right direction. You might even run into some shop owners there.
  • Is there a site where we can bitch about our vehicles breaking down? I beeped my clutch again, beepin' fun winter beppin' ralley beepin' expensive beepin' drivin'Beep! Son of a beepin' beep.