March 07, 2005

I love t-shirts - especially hunting down and buying clever ones online. Anyone have any cool, cheap online stores they'd like to share? 'Cause I do.

Right now, my fave is Threadless. Some designs are a bit too hipster-ish even for a disaffected teenage goob like me, but their prices are good and they reward loyalty generously with discounts. Great site design to boot. They're always accepting new designs for users to rate... are their new spinoff, OMG Clothing. The basic premise is that anyone can submit a clever turn of phrase and if enough people say "I'd wear this!", they'll turn it into a shirt. Warning: rating submissions can be quite addictive. $200 if your idea wins! Neighborhoodies takes that idea to the next level - you can customize your own shirt, hoodie, tote bag, or even undies with anything you want it to say. Good for inside jokes, personal statements, or just random-ass fun. Tee Museum has a lot of cute designs, but at $45 a shirt (even with free international shipping) it might not even be worth telling everyone "this is a 45 dollar shirt!" Still worth checking out for the rich and bored. Prefer plain solid color tees? Live in the US? American Apparel tees get my highest recommendation - they're deliciously soft, comfy, high quality, and cheap. And their models are hot. The rest of their store looks good, but I haven't really checked it out. I've never bought anything from Busted Tees, but they look like gobs of fun. Think Tshirt Hell, only tasteful. MoFi t-shirts. 'Nuff said. Lastly, if you're like me and are a tee addict, I cannot recommend enough Preshrunk, a weblog devoted entirely to finding good stores, designs, and ideas like these.

  • Found Item Clothing. I want the Spatula City t-shirt and I want to get my husband the Strange Brew t-shirt. Glarkware. For all the Monkeys, here is Please Touch My Monkey. If you have a twisted mind like me, perhaps you'd outfit your sprog in their tiny Dingo Snack tee.
  • #mofirc hearts this design, from the delectable
  • It's a pity the dingo doesn't really look anything like a dingo, because otherwise I love it. Obscure fact: Goofy's name in French is "Dingo".
  • more.
  • If you're into political statements and social commentary, here's my list: I've been a fan of Unamerican Activities for years. There's a fairly new company called Fat American along the same lines. Then, there's my site along the same lines: Someone mentioned Busted Tees above. They had a shirt with the all-too-famous Che Guevara image and the text "I have no idea who this is." That's one of the only shirt designs to ever make me laugh out loud, but I can't find it on their site anymore.
  • Brunetto prints shirts for tons of t-shirt sites. This site provides links to all of their clients, & the shirts range from political humor to movie spoilering. Some are more original than others, of course, and there are some really great finds.
  • some good ones here. scroll down for the better Tees
  • Is ThinkGeek too obvious?
  • I was going to 'Curious George' this tshirt question, but since it's only minor, I'll piggyback it here: I'm printing up one-off in-joke tshirts for around the office - usually a line or two of text. Do you prefer such slogans on the front of back of tshirts?
  • Back in the day, like the early 90's, I used to covet the tees at Burning Airlines. Their catalog was a zine like thing, made on a copier on 11x17 paper. I still have my Andy Warhol and Jane's Addiction shirts I bought from them. Now I enjoy Northern Sun
  • Threadless used to print their tees on those soft american apparel tees. That was hot. They also used to do hoodies too! I got most of my t-shirts from there, with a few from webcomics thrown in (the dumbrella ones make the best shirts imo- goats, scary go round, etc), and the ones I pick up from races and organizations.
  • You know, I was a fan of American Apparel. But then I started hearing some things about the owner, Dov Charney, that skeeved me out. Ick. I also don't like the discrepencies in sizing. Men's sizes go up to 3x, women's only go up to a smallish (12-14) XL.
  • Damn, I am reinventing myself as a t-shirt slogan designer.
  • She'll turn your t-shirts into total reconstructed awesomeness.
  • Who was it that was looking for things to do with old t-shirts recently?
  • Can anyone tell me where I can buy a t-shirt with Olivia the lovely pig on it?
  • Newton-John? /obvious
  • mandyman - your link is giving me some ideas of what I should do with some beloved T-shirts which are now falling apart due to too much wear (a Farside shirt, a Red Dwarf, and one from the Cow's Icecream in PEI). I haven't wanted to throw them out, as they are pretty rare (I think the Red Dwarf might a pirated print from the late 80s). But I could take the designs, and sew them onto new clothes, like a hooded sweatshirt or something.