March 04, 2005

Tranquility base, the eagle has fucking landed.
  • Jesus H Christ in a chicken basket! Obvious - and I see the onion was involved here
  • Pah! That's a fucking soundstage in Des Fucking Moine.
  • That's some fucking funny shit, that's what the fuck that shit is.
  • Holy mother of fuck.
  • Dino told me that fucking shit was fake, but I didn't believe that greaseball at the time. Fuck!
  • I laughed.
  • As with many things these days, I won't be happy until I get the t-shirt.
  • jeez, then get the fucking tshirt already!
  • Thank you, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you izz.
  • Jesus fuck. Fuck. Can you believe this shit? The fucking moon.
  • I woulda fucking shit my fucking 4 pairs of fucking underpants the fuck
  • You should pack 8 pairs of underwear if you're going to the fucking moon, because the moon is twice as fucking far away as Europe.
  • fucking oath. fucking moon-people underpants are fucked.
  • I am very disappointed in the number of f-bombs in this thread. /your mother
  • Holy Mother of Fuck . . . Walking... On ... The ... Fucking ... Moon
  • I hope my fucking legs don't fucking break Walking on the fucking moon
  • Could have been reasonably funny were it not for the SNL strategy of smashing me on the head with the joke over and over (talking about the link, not the comments here). My version of a discussion of an SNL skit in the writer's room. "And then he says, 'I'll pack it away in here!'" "Not funny." "And then he says again, 'I'll pack it away in here!'" "Not funny." "So then he turns around and says, 'I'll pack it away in here.'" "Wait. I see where you're going with this." "Then he yells, "I'll pack it away in here!'" "This is getting good." And so on.
  • retardation.