March 03, 2005

My Dinner at Applebee's with White Supremacists. Infiltrative journalist Harmon Leon assumes the identity of a white-trash racist and gets courted by what looks like the National Alliance.

I think it's the National Alliance because googling for a phrase quoted in the article seems to reveal connections. via; Prussian Blue previously seen here

  • This would have been better if he wasn't trying to ham it up. Too many cheap laughs.
  • "The grand wizard was on welfare," he recalls; his voice contains as much distaste as if he were commenting on Mexicans. "He was about 50 and lived with his mother. It was really depressing. We had to go with him to get his welfare check." OMG that's soooo priceless! HA HAHAHA...
  • A little too jokey for my taste, particularly considering this recent story. More at Orcinus.
  • I tilt my head back and reflect, "I started to dislike Canadians, then moved on from there." Under my breath, I mutter, "Fucking Canadians." ya. i'm a journalist. meeting racists. and scared. i might even be jewish! and...... i'm making cracks about canada. next week i'll interact with other nutters! fun. games. laughs. this article is the same as the one about the alien cult folks- except the weapon at hand was a sprite can, not a fork. great potential, poor results. a recording of one of these encounters- that would let the magic truly shine. but i understand that the tecnical aspects of recording are very difficult, and impossible to distribute online. and who needs to it? jest my 2 cents.
  • An article in which we learn what a clever fellow our reporter is and nothing of any note about the mind-set that turns apparently normal people to extreme racist views. And the jokes are not so hot. Sort of a piss-poor Jon Ronson without the food for thought.
  • "There's nothing I hate more than traffic," I present as an excuse. "Except, of course, the Jews." That was funny.
  • Wouldn't Cracker Barrel have been a more appropriate place?
  • [White Supremacist] Hale was furious when Lefkow ordered him to stop using the name World Church of the Creator because it had been trademarked by an Oregon-based religious group that has no ties to Hale. While the murders are a horrible crime that strikes at the fundamentals of our society, I can't help but laugh my ass off at these idiots being taken out with trademark law. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Next I think they should all be sentenced to wear little toothbrush mustaches.
  • Take them bowling.
  • It was hard for me to tell at times what was a direct quote from an email exchange or face-to-face conversation as opposed to post-event commentary. It was also sad to think of the young woman who belongs to that group pursuing a career in child development after obtaining her degree.
  • dammit, Argh beat me. (great minds think alike)
  • For his next cutting-edge up-to-the-minute story, he should check out TV preachers- I heard some of them are more concerned with making money than being good Christians. yawn.
  • creepy.
  • Oh man, Harmon's mistake was assuming these people are the "Birth of a Nation" white-trash haters of the turn of the last century. While he's trying his best to be funny (so not!) the neo-haters from suburbia are winning elections.
  • hikikomori, perhaps this is what you were looking for.
  • Now that's hilariously horrifying, Space Coyote. So he's a professional misanthrope, huh? I've gotta change my major.
  • Alright, someone called for the devil's advocate. So how is it in other countries then? Theres no mention of racism when borders are closed in Germany or places of the like. If one were to go to China, or India one would be cut down by stares of the local people. Much of the hatred displayed by these hill billies, is exactly, inversly equal to their subjects, no? Pass the tossed salade.
  • I experienced curiosity and some hostility in my years as a white man in China (including in some very out of the way rural backwaters where people were if anything more accepting if more curious). the main ethnic hostility here is towards the Japanese. Black people can have a rough time too though. I once ended up in a fist fight fight at a train station leaping in to help an African lad in front of me in the cue who was getting some filthy abuse off some idiots just because he politley complained about the service he was getting.
  • Abiezer coppe:You gotta watch them Chinamen they know the gung fu. Well at least we got a good samartin eh? Damn Japanese! They're just asian Nazi's aren't they? that Just makes sense. It's interesting though the most racist people are actually minorites. Theres a ladder for things like this. Heres the Spanish one. The Spaniards are at the top, the South Americans aren't "Spanish" (step on your fingers!) but they certainly aren't Mehican'. The south Americans think they're above the Mexican people, and so on, and so on. I came up with a beatiful philosophy. Everyone hates everyone.
  • Eh!, heres one I like to use on the white bible thumpers, "It's a pitty I know, but Adam and Eve were black. they came from Africa." It works good on Italians too. I aplogize if my humour offends. Did you hear the one about Mary?.....
  • This just in from the Onion: Klan Rally 70 Percent Undercover Reporters
  • The Turner Diaries. A google search turns up all sorts of info. There's also a link in there (4th as of this writing) to an online-copy of the book.