March 03, 2005

Tin. Hats. Ahoy. The perfect storm of conspiracy theories. HST, WTC, NWO...If only a black helicopter had been seen.

More details on his final word here.

  • Not even a very good tin hat story. Dang. We need Hunter involved with the Grays and Reptilian overlords pushing drugs in Des Moines. Yeah and the crafts from Area 51 were piloted by mutant humans hopped up on adrenal glands stolen from Peruvian basket weavers... Or something..
  • The thought screen helmet blocks telepathic communication between aliens and humans. Aliens cannot immobilize people wearing thought screens nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy. When aliens can't communicate or control humans, they do not take them. Stop Alien Abductions
  • er... to learn how to build your own tinfoil hat, you need the frames
  • I remember when the towers collapsed, I just assumed that something had been detonated at the foundation. I mean, the way they dropped looked just like only one thing I had ever seen -- the demolition of buildings. I was surprised to hear over the following days that the planes had caused the buildings to collapse. All of the experts seemed to say that it was possible due to all of the melting going on in the buildings. I accepted that, even though I heard that there was some unusual work crew or something in there the weekend before. I figured, what kind of goofy conspiracy would allow them to fly planes into buildings but not to be able put explosives in the buildings? Didn't make sense. Still doesn't make sense. But I want to believe.
  • Rove had him silinced becuase he knew too much.
  • Yeah, n' I ate his liver with a nice kianty, and some farvor beans. it must 'ave been the Chinese, the same ones that did in Bruce Lee. No wait that was a drug overdose..... The attack on the pentagon was obvioously some kind of bomb, not plane. Theres method of course in the presenting of this madness, but thats better left to ofther times. Someone Told me, this was like a wag the dog thing man. They said the Americans detonated their own building(empty of course), in an atempt to Jedi mind trick the lebanese into thinking that some terroist, got the towers. See me, I think thats brilliant. The crafty Americans somehow fooled everyone into thinking that 911 actually happened. See if these lebanese think that there actually was a 911, these lebanese will be more inclined to thinking that theres no need for terrorism. Right? But then again they do call me crackpot(and thats crack pot, not pipe. Crackpot; refering to a pot with a crack in it that cannot hold water any longer) Cheers
  • I saw a black copter once. It was driven by a blind fat dog, with big claws. He said woof, then took a nap. I must say, it seems that agent orange had something to do with this, as well as agent blue.