February 27, 2005

Great Weekend Timewaster The instructions are in Japanese, but the game is pretty simple. [direct link to Flash file]

Click the mouse to set the angle, then release to set the power. I don't quite understand the significance of the game (maybe the guy is a subway bum-grabber), but it's quite fun. My best distance is 2959.59 meters.

  • I got 2500m on the first try then couldn't get over 1000 again...
  • I got a good one with a few specials leading to 5029.70 m! I think I'll quit while I'm ahead...
  • Damn. I was all happy about getting to 629.44m...
  • 5289.77 Boo-yah!
  • the trick is using the 'arials' when it's blue, click and it'll bounce you downwards (unlimited uses, but it's gotta recharge) and clicking when it's red is like a boost, but you only get three... the best boost is when you hit the green 'stop' girl when she's special...and when you hit the purple through and run girl then hit the special when she's vs. ffp or cch or something... i've been playing this faaar too much today... oh and 5699.32....eat it!
  • ok...I have seen the challenge, and risen to it plus the fact that I'm now addicted to this game...6582.61!
  • Blast! Foiled again!
  • 6999.53 MWAHAHAHA!
  • Kawaiiiiiii! <1000. The guy was too cute. I would've kicked an ugly one to the end of earth.
  • Since this hit the blue well before MF, I thought someone would have posted the accompanying tips in english. here they are: http://forums.insertcredit.com/viewtopic.php?t=2769
  • Excellent post! But I must inform you of your legal transgression -- I've been using the trademarked term TimeWasterâ„¢ for over a year now, so it is MY intellectual property. Hands off, or I'll call the lawyers!
  • ok, last time...KNEEL BEFORE ME, MORTALS!: 10229.51 m!