February 25, 2005

Happy Monkey: I haven't been here in a LOOONG while. so I just wanted to say: HAPPY FRIDAY! ooooh oohh aaah ahhh. k bye
  • Happy Friday to you too Warrior! Have a good weekend!
  • Happy Friday, dude.
  • Why aren't you visiting more often? We don't want mamby-pamby greetings on a Friday, we want answers! Oh, that and GYOB!
  • That was a really crappy post. Geez. I guess you didn't know that we don't allow unstructured posts anymore. ... I keed, I keed. Nice to see you back! Have a fabulous weekend. Mwaah!!
  • :)
  • yay! happy Friday indeed! don't make yourself (a) stranger, Warrior!
  • I needed to be wished a happy friday - and how odd is that? - so this is good. Thanks, Warrior. Have a happy Friday too!
  • )))))
  • yayyyy!!! unstructured posts! well, links to dirty pix are good too... hey warrior!
  • Banana-flavored Kool-Aid, Mr. Jones?
  • What is so unstructured about warrior's post? It has an opening, a section of content and a concluding statement. It seems to me this is an excellent FPP for discussion, especially to celebrate the great Friday. warrior, I don't think you should make this a habit though.
  • Happii Friedae.
  • Well, dxlifer, I applaud Warrior's overall sentiment but we have to say that after a strong start, then the peak in the bolded section of sentence two, it rather tails off in the 'k bye' and I don't think bathos is our author's intent. I'm sure if rethinking this piece Warrior would perhaps reconsider that particualr prosodic decision.
  • Warr-ior, come out and plaa--aaay! (jingles bottles on fingers)