February 25, 2005

X-ray Porn/Art (NSFW!) A sampling of Wim Delvoye's images. While explicit, I think that they're interesting both as erotica and as art. They also certainly give a better understanding of where the soft tissue ends in the skull, for those of you who have to do anatomy drawings out there.

Also interesting is The Operation which (I believe) Delvoye was also involved in. Once again, these links are explicit, but I don't feel that they're any more offensive than, say, Mapplethorpe. Be wary if your heart is faint. (Oh, and I don't think they're terribly effective as masturbatory material, but that may just be me. I think they're better as art images, and can open up a whole line of questioning about intimacy and identity).

  • I'll be one to wager that BJ's are poor masturbatory material to begin with. I guess other straight guys may differ on this, but a glistening shaft is usually the last thing I prefer to ogle. What's that "Cloaca"? That's kinda strange (creepy?) looking.
  • MonkeyFilter: A glistening shaft is usually the last thing I prefer to ogle.
  • The Cloaca is a shitting machine. You input food, and it sends it through mashers, enzymes and then, finally, through a spigot that turns it into turds. (Cloacas are the single holes that many animals have for both reproductive and excratory funtions).
  • I recall watching snippets from The Operation, amazed. The absolute alieness of humans under a different wavelenght. How those familiar movements and body parts seemed otherworldy. I guees some of those images prompt a very basic response in any human. How we channel those urges is the next step.
  • Is it just me or do the vid links not work fo the operation page?
  • that's some hot skeleton sex.
  • Whoa! Skeleton chicks are sluts!
  • Boy, do I love this one.
  • Suddenly thought where I'd seen similar before: in this kind of Tibetan art. I think there's a scene in the film 'Samsara' where the monk protagonist is flipping through a whole collection of these works as he's trying to control his rising passions. I really didn't like these photos for some reason I can't define.
  • This is great.
  • Gives new meaning to the word "Boner".
  • Aha! I've just realised what this reminds me of, in the way it's a subtly unsettling presentation of sex - not remotely arousing, but with a far greater connection to genuine sexuality and passion than most things which are supposed to be arousing. Explicit sexual presentation, a slightly grim fascination with the body and its constituent parts, a hint of obsession and a big slab of fetishisation: it's very, very Cronenberg. Which is a good thing.
  • Abeizer- Neat catch on Tibetan art. I could also see a link to Posada and his dia de los muertos work. Flashboy- Yeah, didn't Crash have something similar, at least in brief flashes? (I saw that movie while tripping, so I can't actually be sure what was in it).
  • Sadly, I saw Crash with a band providing the soundtrack performing in front of the screen, and I was drunk, so I can't be quite sure what was in it either... (The band was Queen Adreena, and they were very disappointing. Nowhere near as good as Bis providing the soundtrack for Quadrophenia, which was unexpectedly good.)
  • flasher -- go and rent the DVD and turn the soundtrack up loud. Very Eugene Chadbourne. One of Howard Shore's best.
  • This reminds me of some of the illustrations done by Phoebe Gloeckner (possibly NSFW link to image of the cover) that accompany J.G. Ballard's infamous The Atrocity Exhibition (same image, but smaller.)  Fellatio (among other things) is illustrated in the manner of an anatomical textbook - cutaway views of different layers of fat, tissue, bone and muscle. Her work there is very much in the same vein as these photographs, if you'll pardon the expression.