February 25, 2005

The Guard Dog One of five Oscar-nominated short films available to watch today on Salon (you know the drill...)
  • I thought it was as funny as "Your Face" which is to say not very. I thought "Eat" is the best I have seen by him. Not sure how your browser of choice will handle this direct mms:// link, but my Galeon browser did the right stuff.
  • doh, stupid mixing of past and present tense
  • I watched the Gopher Broke one this morning. Quite amusing in an old-timey kind of way.
  • Wow...thanks so much for this. If Ryan doesn't win the Award, it'll be a travesty. What a brilliant, devastating piece of work. I'm stunned. I never get to see the short subjects, and I'm so happy to be able to. Wow. Everybody, watch Ryan. It's a fucking masterpiece. )))
  • cool
  • I enjoyed "7:35AM." In general though i really dislike how the fact thats its a short is used as excuse to not tell a story with any pace. Most of these I got bored with and didnt finish because nothing was happening. The animation ones seem to be mostly exercises in cool animation techniques.
  • The download's been taken off Salon now, sadly, but I sodding love Bill Plympton; have done ever since I saw his "How to Kiss" and "25 Ways to Quit Smoking" while in high school. His full-length film "The Tune" is still one of my favourite movies. I finally met him last March at MOCCA, and he was lovely as could be.
  • Ryan is still available for viewing on the National Filmboard website. And I sure hope it wins. I watched in a private screening at the NBF almost a year ago and almost cried. And I in general hate computer animation.