February 25, 2005

Banana Bunker! A new and improved variant on the infamous Banana Gaurd. Because who needs a gaurd, when you can have a bunker? (Via Gizmodo)

Now with ridges! Sorry, I couldn't find a better, or any other, example thread.

  • Ribbed, for her pleasure!
  • I'm not sure, does anybody else need a graud?
  • No, I do not need a graud. A bunker... now, that is something I can use. Progress!
  • I'd quite like a banana gourd.
  • I ate a banana something on a Garuda flight.
  • Monkeys, join the Banana Guard and work -- but never work too hard! In time of attack into the Banana Bunker, therein to scowl and plan and hunker. The Banana Gourd is shunned if not abhored -- at monkey-markets folks sell none. And here the Powers That Unpeel will never quash those monkeys hoping for a game of Banana Squash.
  • Beeswacky -- I take a knee in honor of your genius. Jeeeenyuss!
  • Methinks the market is already almost saturated.
  • One down, two to go. Not a double callout, just keeping score at home. ;)
  • buy 5 and SAVE! just $19.95
  • Banana Gourd/Gaurd/Guard in 'action'...