February 23, 2005

callalillie is collecting cast off cat whiskers Sometimes, dear internet, you make a request that defies any real explanation. This is because we all contain an inner freak, and some of us are just larger vessels that others. Note that she wants only whiskers that your cats are through with. No plucking! Guesses? Art? Fetish? Vodoo to turn her into the Queen Of All Cats?
  • i don't care what she's doing but i'm glad she's doing it! my kitties drop these things constantly and i've often thought they're too pretty to just throw out. i've tacked one to my bulletin board. now i'll just send them to her. thanks for the link!
  • It puts the lotion on its skin... or it gets the hose again...
  • I'm with the Base-meister. She'll be on the news in an orange jumpsuit in 6 months...
  • i've been emailing with her, she seems very nice! and now i know my whiskers will be well-kept. if you'd like to know what she's doing with them you should email her!
  • I'd rather speculate wildly in ignorance. Much more fun.
  • I like to cut my cat's whiskers super short, and just laugh and laugh as he gets stuck in small spaces... stupid kitty thinks he can fit.... I am, of course, KIDDING!!!
  • Cat's whiskers are a component of old crystal radio sets. Perhaps she is trying to build a cat-based space telescope?
  • Get out of town!! So when they sit there all spaced out, they're actually listening to 'War of the Worlds' or the Top 40? Sheesh, who'd a thunk it?
  • Cat's whiskers are a component of old crystal radio sets OK, wibble, we're gonna need a bit more on that.
  • I keep a bag of whiskers at home. I also keep the kitty teeth that they lost. I've been told that it's weird to do so... Now I have a little evidence that keeping the whiskers isn't so weird after all - at least my whiskers come from cats I actually know, right? My aunt keeps her kitty whiskers too. They go into a soy sauce bottle (the tiny hole at the top is just right for depositing whiskers). Each new whisker goes into the bottle with a wish. I find it cute.
  • I keep my aunt's whiskers in a thermos. Each whisker goes in with a thud.
  • you people are sick...
  • No plucking! You tell me this on my third cat???
  • Ptoo- I'm on my 5th auntie.
  • OK, I just gotta say it: ya'll are strange (Yes, that IS what attracted me. So?). But I grew up with dogs. You mostly don't want to keep what they drop. I don't hate cats. My wife had one for the first several years of our marriage. Maybe if I cleaned more often I would have noticed whiskers dropped by her cat (in amongst the piles of dog and cat hair)?
  • By the pricking of my cat's aunt's whiskers I infer something distinctly tabby treads as soft as Lucifer -- and if this callalillie isn't careful it may come for her.