February 20, 2005

bzzzpeek a collection of 'onomatopoeia' from around the world using sound recordings from native speakers imitating the sounds of animals and vehicles.
  • Dammit, world, you need to come up with some better horse noises. "Neigh" and all the others doesn't cut it. Great link! Very good implementation, too (and a good use of Flash; before I clicked I was afraid MediaPlayer would have to load).
  • Poland and Hungry had some good ones, the Japanese ones were bizarre but their breadth is more impressive than their acuracy. Very cool, user-friendly site. )
  • Thanks for the awesome link! Ever since I read David Sedaris's "Six to Eight Black Men" (TAL reading) I have wondered what other countries' roosters sound like. Answer: not quite as ridiculous as ours.
  • I thought the Italians and the Saudis came over as most convincing (probably completely wrong about the flags). Don't know where they found the posh sounding lass who did the UK horse-rider noise - down at the local hunt at a guess.
  • This is outstanding! ))) So far, the frog noises see to vary the most from country to country, while still being quite specific noises. You have to hear the Japanese frog! Lots more to listen to still...