February 19, 2005

The budget traveller's guide to sleeping in airports Including top tips on the best and worst airports for sleeping in.
  • This is pretty cool. Hooray for the web! )) Not that I think I would ever sleep in an airport, but if I did, this would be very useful.
  • Of course one of the first places I had to look up as an experiment was Lagos, Nigeria.
  • I once briefly met this guy, whose opinion should probably carry some weight in this matter.
  • I would not feel comfortable (regardless of the condition of the seats) actually falling asleep at an airport while traveling alone, but I did hang out at New York's JFK (international terminal) overnight until my terminal opened up for domestic flights in the morning, because at the time I didn't want to pay holiday-rate for a room that I'd only need for 6 hrs. From Tip #6 - "Act Innocent: Even if you sleep in airports on regular basis -- Do Not Act Like A Professional!!! Act like you REALLY do not want to be there and that there is absolutely nowhere else to go. I find crying helps..." Wolof, what a sad story. I had heard of him but didn't know that he had received permission to leave back in 1999. "An airport is kind of a place between heaven and earth,"...
  • Belgium has granted him refugee credentials. ''We are very pleased for him,'' said Dominique Deladrier, the Belgian consul in Paris. ''If we had known the extent of his dilemma earlier, we could have straightened this out a long time ago.'' Well, now, that makes it all better, doesn't it.