February 17, 2005

Reminder: Ottawa Meetup Ottawa Meetup: the date is upon us. We meet tomorrow at Pub Italia at 7pm. Hope some of you Ottawans can make it! And bring implements for shoutouts. Possibly also a banana, so we'll recognize each other. ;)
  • The airfare's a bit steep, but if MoneyJane is going, I'll give it my best shot.
  • bring implements for shoutouts to quidnunc Yeah, good idea livii!
  • Note to self: copy down quidnunc's name so that when soused at the bar, will have some idea of how to spell it. And skrik, I think the airfare would be steep for moneyjane too (though Westjet's having a loonie sale, Canucks!)
  • Been there, done that, can't do it again. Sorry.
  • thanks for the reminder, livii. I will bring a banana to identify myself!
  • We want photos.
  • We want photos of your shoutouts to quidnunc Hey, that's another great idea shinything. There's some damn fine thinkin' going on in this thread - keep it up.
  • And another thing, take lots of pictures.
  • And another thing, worship quidnunc as a god and dedicate your lives to serving his every whim Well, hey! I don't know about THAT proposal shinything - oh, what the hell, I guess I'll vote for it if its what you want. Good work everyone.
  • Note to self: bring a goat for sacrifices to quidnunc. We'll take photos. At least, I'll take photos, and then I don't have to be in many of them. I hate having my photo taken. :)