February 13, 2005

Grise Fiord. At latitude 76ÂșN, Grise Fiord is the most northerly town in North America: You'd have to walk 320 miles north from Barrow to get this close to the North Pole. This neat photo collection gives you a picturesque glimpse of what life is like in Grise Fiord, along with info about the Inuit culture.
  • Some of this was rather blah--the dental clinic interior? pictures of dirty dishes?--but it is interesting to see how life goes on in a cold climate. Better them than me! I did enjoy the pictures of the natives, especially Looty Pijamini and Peepeelee Pijamini. What great names. Take a look at this this little charmer. The interior shots of the igloos were nifty, but caribou head didn't look too yummy.
  • Thanks roly! Several other Arctic communities the main site as well.
  • I don't have an environmental axe to grind, but it is interesting to see what effect global warming is having on native cultures, including the Inuit.
  • Sone Inuit art here.
  • Excellent post. Cheers
  • Lovely post. Thanks. My nephew worked way up north in Nunavut a while ago, but nowhere near that far. He thought it was great, loved the people and the environment, but really enjoyed returning to the land of warmth in the fall.