February 13, 2005

Make a font out of your own handwriting! If you decide to download your handiwork, it'll run you $9. I'm still working on mine- just goes to show how hard it is to make readable, balanced typography.
  • neat!
  • I'm severly dyslexic and have trouble writing by hand. I made a font out of my handwriting a number of years ago (using a regular font editing program) and have been using it regularly ever since. It's great when I have to write handwritten notes.
  • Ooh, sweet! Me play with this muchly tomorrow. And the next day, and the next, I suspect. Thanks, maryh.
  • I can't even read my own handwriting. I think I'll stay with Times New Roman.
  • This used to be free.
  • I've tried this before. My handwriting was so bad, they just sent me back ZapfDingbats. ba-da-boom.
  • Now I have an illegible font! Actually, fun to play with, thanks, maryh.
  • I bought this computer so I wouldn't have to look at my handwriting.
  • I have a typeface creation tool and I was going to do this. Then I realized that making my handwriting good-looking (and readable) enough to be a typeface would make it not my handwriting. So what's the point?
  • You'll have to prise this goose feather quill from my cold dead hands you techo-nazi handwriting font bastards!
  • Wow, I remember when this used to cost $100.
  • I don't know, kmellis. I think part of the fun is seeing the huge disconnect between the natural flow of your own handriting and what happens when you try to break it down letter by letter. It looks completely fake, but in an entertaining navel-gazing sort of way.
  • Yeah, I can see that. I would just like to be able to duplicate my handwriting almost perfectly, even though it isn't very good, just because I hate writing by hand these days (and it hurts my fingers some) and so it would be handy to use my computer yet still be personal.
  • I keep wanting to make a font out of my mother's handwriting - her printing was very neat, and I liked it. She wrote some stories - would be neat to see them reproduced in her own writing. My handwriting is largely illegible, unless I print, in which case if you squint you can sort of see what it says. My students appreciate that...
  • for any monkey who uses a PC and wants to do this more than once, check around for "Your Handwriting" software from DataBecker - I found it in my local used-book store, sealed, for $6. I've seen it repeatedly on eBay for less than $10. print out the template, fill it in, scan it, software makes the font... but it also allows you to modify existing fonts, and is a fraction of the cost of any other font-creation tool I've been able to find.