February 12, 2005

Curious Blog Photo Questioning George: My wife has recently started using blogger. She was using Flikr! to upload photos in order to have a url to link to for embedded images. However, she did not realize that Flikr! has a limited number of free monthly uploads. Can you reccomend a similar service that allows unlimited free uploads? (both she and I are relatively new to the blogging world and might be missing something obvious here, so please point that out if that is the case.)
  • There's photobucket, which gives you 25MB of space for free with a maximum image size of 250KB and 1,500MB of transfer/month. I don't know anything about it though - maybe someone else does.
  • Yeah, I use photobucket. It's pretty good. Also, it's true that the max image size is 250K, but if your image is bigger the site will automagically sort it out.
  • You could also just add another email address. If she's only going slightly over her allotted space and she's not beseiged with visitors, I think it would be easy enough to just use a free email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever) to make a new account. I don't know if Flickr would penalize her for sending her photos to the same blog- I've let friends & family use my Flickr account for that purpose with no problems. Good luck.
  • If she is using blogger then she can use Picasa's Hello bot. Unless she already looked at it and rejected it?
  • idest has it spot on. Using Hello with BloggerBot is a great way to post pics to your blogger blog. If you want to string together several pics into one post, you can use the double pipes "||" (ie: type || as the picture comment text, and post. Repeat until you are done, then type in text or nothing in the final pic). That being said, it's often rumored that the blogger folks use flickr. I used to use Hello until I found flickr. And there is no actual picture upload limit, there's a bandwidth upload limit. Which is to say that if you are uploading 4mb images, then you are going to burn through the limit right quick. But who is going to be looking at 4mb pictures? For most people it makes much more sense to post smaller images, 640x480, in which case the flickr upload limit is pretty generous. photobucket is also worth a good look, but it sounds like Hello w/ Bloggerbot is your best option. In case you haven't guessed, I *heart* flickr
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that flickr allows you to post pics directly to your blogger blog by using the "BlogThis" function. And, if I'm not mistaken, simply using the picture url without mention of flickr or a link back to flickr is a violation of their TOS. I think.
  • Thanks everyone, I'll pass the info along.
  • Hello only works for PCs, not us Maccen folk.
  • A possible solution: get a paid account at LiveJournal. With a paid account you can use their LJ Scrapbook- 100Mb of space just for linking photos (and I believe, not just to LiveJournal)
  • And, unlimited linking, I should mention.
  • Unless there's some downside I'm nto aware of, I recommend imageshack. I've been using it for a long time. You don't have to sign in and there's no limits. Just upload and copy the link